Meet the Honorees: Davante Lewis

Where did you grow up? 
I am born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Proud to be from Southwest Louisiana

Name a hobby, or your favorite sport.
My hobby is watching C-SPAN and learning random facts about government. However, I love volleyball, just to short to play.

Name someone that has been influential in your life. 
My Great- grandmother Viola. She was born before women got the right to vote and Black people had civil rights. She lived long enough to be able to see the world that she knew transform. She taught me how to never give up the fight, stay true to who you are, and remember to not stress over small things because when you get in your 90s you won't remember it.

What does being a Great Futures Gala Honoree mean to you? 
I am completely humbled and honored to be a nominee. My life's motto has been "passion without action is a wasted emotion". I have spent the last few years being passionate about the work to advance children and people. While, I don't do the work for recognition or to feel good about myself. It is humbling to know that someone thinks the work I am doing is worthy and appreciated.

Why do you feel it's important to give back? 
It is important to know that we are all in this village of life together. Giving back is not just about being philanthropic, but also about our shared journey and equal success. I was always taught " If you can help someone along the way then your living is not in vain". We should all help someone in way we can. We all posse a talent, have resources, or an experience of life that someone could benefit from. Giving back turns many into one.

What did you want to be growing up?
I had a dream to be a Tony award winning stage actor, or The U.S. Secretary of Education, or both.